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Quantum Physics e-books Collection [1 LinK] rapidshare download links
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Old 17th May 2011, 06:02
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New Quantum Physics e-books Collection [1 LinK]

Quantum Physics e-books Collection [1 LinK] Free download on Rapidshare RapidGator Megaupload Filesonic Wupload Oron Hotfile & Fileserve. Quantum Physics e-books Collection [1 LinK] Torrent.

Quantum Physics e-books Collection

PDF | English | 903 MB

Books Included:
Elements of Quantum Optics 4th ed - P. Meystre, M. Sargent (Springer, 2007) WW.pdf
Entangled World - The Fascination of Quantum Information and Computation - J. Audretsch (Wiley-VCH, 2002) WW.pdf
Fain B. Irreversibilities in Quantum Mechanics (Kluwer, 2002)(T)(224s) 4AH.djvu
Feynman Mathematical Formulation Of Quantum Electrodynamics (Phys Rev 80, 1950)(T)(18S) 4AH.djvu
Field Quantization - W. Greiner J. Reinhardt.djvu
Fields - W. Siegel.pdf
Foundations of Quantum Mechanics - H. Osborn (1997) WW.pdf
Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics for Solid State Electronics, Optics - C. Tang.pdf
Gambini R., Pullin J. Loops, knots, gauge theories and quantum gravity (CUP, 1996) 4AH.djvu
Gauge theories in particle physics 3rd. ed. vol 1 From Relativistic Quantum Mechanics to Qed - I.djvu
Greiner - Quantum Chromodynamics 3e (Springer, 2007).pdf
Hameka H.F. Quantum mechanics.. a conceptual approach (Wiley, 2004)(T)(204s) 4AH.djvu
Han - A Story Of Light - Short Intro to Quantum Field Theory.pdf
Inertial Mass and the Quantum Vacuum Fields - [jnl article] Haisch (2000) WW.pdf
Introduction to Algebraic and Constructive Quantum Field Theory - Baez Segal Zhou.djvu
Introduction to Quantum Computing - Z. Meglocki (2002) WW.pdf
Introduction To Quantum Field Theory [jnl article] - R. Crewther (1995) WW.pdf
Introduction To Quantum Field Theory In Condensed Matter Physics - Flensberg Bruus.pdf
Introduction to Quantum Optics - From Light Quanta to Quantum Teleportation - H. paul (Cambridge, 2004) WW.pdf
Introduction To Quantum Theory And Atomic Structure - P. A. Cox.pdf
Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Field Theory - H. vanHees.pdf
Introduction_to_Optical_Waveguide_Analysis_Solving _Maxwell_s_Equation_and_the_Schrdinger_Equation_-_
introduction_to_quantum_mechanics- David Griffiths.djvu
Lecture Notes on C-algebras and Quantum Mechanics [jnl article] - N. Lamdsman.pdf
Lectures on advanced quantum field theory - R. Casalbuoni - (lect notes, web draft 1999) WW.pdf
Lectures on Loop Quantum Gravity - [jnl article] T.Thiemann (2002) WW.pdf
Lie Groups & Quantum Mechanics - [jnl article] M. Weiss.pdf
Localising Relational Degrees of Freedom in Quantum Mechanics [thesis] - H. cable.pdf
Machines, Logic and Quantum Physics - [jnl article] Deutsch, Ekert, & Lupacchini - (1999) WW.pdf
Maggiore - A Modern Introduction to Quantum Field Theory (Oxford, 2005).pdf
Marciano.-.Quantum.chromodynamics.(1978)(T)(140s) 4AH.djvu
Mathematical Notions of Quantum Field Theory (lecture notes, web draft, 2002) WW.pdf
Mathematics of Quantum Computation - G. Chen, R. Brylinski (eds) (CRC, 2002) WW.djvu
Matrix Quantum Mechanics and 2-D String Theory [thesis] - S. Alexandrov.pdf
Mesoscopic quantum optics - Yamamoto Y., Imamoglu A..djvu
Miller - Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers (Cambridge, 2008).pdf
Modern Quantum Mechanics - J. Sakurai (1994) WW.pdf
Modern Quantum Mechanics and solutions for the exercices - J. Sakurai.pdf
Molecular Quantum Mechanics 4th ed - P Atkins, R. Friedman.djvu
Nano, Quantum and Molecular Computing - S. Shukla, R. Bahar (2004) WW.pdf
New Developments in Quantum Field Theory - P. Damagaard J. Jurkiewicz.pdf
Nonperturbative Quantum Field Theory and the Structure of Matter - T. Borne G. Lochak H. Stumpf.djvu
Notes on Quantum Mechanics - K. Schulten.pdf
NRC - Controlling the Quantum World (2006).pdf
Operator Algebras and Quantum Statistical Mechanics Vol 1 - 2ed - Bratelli.djv
Operator Algebras and Quantum Statistical Mechanics Vol 2 - 2ed - Bratelli (2002) WW.djv
Physics - Photons And Atoms - Introduction To Quantum Electrodynamics 4AH.djvu
Principles of Quantum Mechanics 2nd ed. - R. Shankar.pdf
Principles of Quantum Mechanics, as appl. to chemistry and chem. physics - D. Fitts (1999) WW.pdf
Puri R.R. Mathematical methods of quantum optics (Springer, 2001)(T)(303s) 4AH.djvu
QFT and Topology - Schwarz.pdf
Quantum 3D Sinai Billiard.. a semiclassical analysis - H. Primack, U. Simlansky (2000) WW.pdf
Quantum Chromodynamics 2nd ed - W. Greiner, S. Schramm, E. Stein.djv
Quantum Chromodynamics [jnl article] - C. Davies, S. Collins WW.pdf
Quantum Computing - [jnl article] - Berthiaume (1996) WW.pdf
Quantum Computing with Molecules [jnl article] - N Nershenfeld (1998) WW.pdf
Quantum Cryptography with Entagled Photons [jnl article] (1999) WW.pdf
Quantum Electrodynamics - 3rd ed., - W. Greiner, J. Reinhardt (2003) WW.pdf
Quantum Electrodynamics III The Electromagnetic Properties of the Electron - [jnl article] (1944) WW.pdf
Quantum Field Theoretical Methods in Statistical Physics 2nd ed. - Abrikosov Gorkov Dzyaloshinski.djvu
Quantum Field Theory - [3 lectures] WW.pdf
Quantum Field Theory - J. Norbury.pdf
Quantum Field Theory - L. Brown.djvu
Quantum Field Theory - R. Clarkson D. McKeon.pdf
Quantum Field Theory Constrains Traversable Wormhole Geometries [jnl article] - L. Ford (1995) WW.pdf
Quantum Field Theory Demystified - D. Mcmahon (McGraw-Hill, 2008) WW.pdf
Quantum Field Theory for Mathematicians [jnl article] WW.pdf
Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell - A. Zee.djvu
Quantum Field Theory In Curved Spacetime [jnl article] - R. Wald, (1995) WW.pdf
Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime - B. DeWitt.djvu
Quantum Field Theory Proceedings of the RingbergWorkshop - Breitenlohner Maison.pdf
Quantum Geometry And Gravity - Recent Advances - [jnl article] - A. Ashtekar (2001) WW.pdf
Quantum Gravity - C. Rovelli.pdf
Quantum Gravity - Generalized Theory of Gravitation and Superstring Theory - B. Kursunoglu (2002) WW.doc
Quantum Gravity and Descrete Space-Time-Matter.html
Quantum Gravity And String Theory - What Have We Learned - [jnl article] - A. Strominger (1991) WW.pdf
Quantum Gravity, Generalized Theory of Gravitation, and Superstring Theory-based Unification - Mintz,Perlmutter.pdf
Quantum Groups The Loop Grassmannian And The Springer Resolution [jnl article] - S. Arkhipov (2004) WW.pdf
Quantum Information and Relativity Theory [jnl article] - A. Peres, D. Terno (2002) WW.pdf
Quantum Magnetism - Richter, Bishop.pdf
Quantum Mechanics - an Introduction, 4th ed. - W. Greiner (2000) WW.pdf
Quantum Mechanics - Concepts and Applications - N. Zettili (Wiley, 2001) WW.djvu
Quantum Mechanics - Vol 1 - Cohen-Tannoudji.pdf
Quantum Mechanics - Vol 2 - Cohen-Tannoudji (1973) WW.pdf
quantum mechanics and path integrals.pdf
Quantum Mechanics Of Black Holes [jnl article] - S. Hawking WW.pdf
Quantum Mechanics Of Geometry - [jnl article] - A. Ashtekar (1999) WW.pdf
Quantum Optics - D. Walls, G. Milburn (1994) WW.pdf
Quantum Physics - A Text for Graduate Students R. Newton.pdf
Quantum Physics - A First Encounter - Interference, Entanglement and Reality - V. Scarani (Oxford, 2006) WW.pdf
Quantum Physics - F. Scheck (Springer, 2007) WW.pdf
Quantum Physics - M. Le Bellac (Cambridge, 2006) WW.pdf
Quantum Physics - S. Gasiorowicz.pdf
Quantum Physics And Ordinary Consciousness (2000) WW.pdf
Quantum Physics in Neuroscience and Psychology - Mind_Brain Interaction [jnl article] - J. Schwartz WW.pdf
Quantum Physics Of Black Holes And String Theory - [jnl article] Das and Mathur (2001) WW.pdf
Quantum statistical mechanics - Kadanoff, L.P., Baym, G..djvu
Quantum Theory - Concepts & Methods - A. Peres.pdf
Quantum Theory - The Church-Turing Principle & Universal Quantum Computer [jnl article] - D. Deutsch (1985) WW.pdf
Quantum Theory and the brain - M. Donald (1988) WW.pdf
Quantum Theory From Five Reasonable Axioms - [jnl article] L. Hardy (2001) WW.pdf
Quantum Theory Looks at Time Travel [jnl article] - D. Greenberger (2005) WW.pdf
Quantum Theory of Geometry II [jnl article] (1997) WW.pdf
Quantum Theory Of Probability And Decisions [jnl article] - D. Deutsch (1999) WW.pdf
Quantum_Information_Theory_and_the_Foundations_of_ Quantum_Mechanics__thesis__-_C._Timpson.pdf
Relativistic Quantum Field Theory I [jnl article] WW.pdf
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics - Wave Equations 3rd ed. - W. Greiner (2000) WW.djvu
Relativistic_Quantum_Mechanics._Wave_Equations__3r d_ed._-_W._Greiner.pdf
Renormalizable Quantum Gauge Theory of Gravity [jnl article] - N. Wu (2002) WW.pdf
Renormalization in Quantum Field Theory and the Riemann-Hilbert problem [jnl article] - A. Connes (1999) WW.pdf
Renormalization in Quantum Field Theory V - A. Connes (2000) WW.pdf
Scattering_Theory_The_Quantum_Theory_of_Nonrelativ istic_Collisions_-_John_R._Taylor.pdf
Schaum_s_Outline_of_theory_and_problems_of_Quantum _Mechanics_-_Peleg__Pinni_and_Zaarur.djvu
Schwabl - Advanced Quantum Mechanics 4e (Springer, 2008).pdf
Shankar R. Principles of quantum mechanics (2ed., Plenum, 1994)(T)(453s) 4AH.djvu
Solutions_to_Problems_in_Sakurai_s_Quantum_Mechani cs_-_P._Saltsidis__B._Brinne.pdf
Solutions_to_Sakurai_s_Probls._in_Quantum_Mechanic s_-_B._Brinne.pdf
The Dirac Equation - B. Thaller.djvu
The Foundations of Quantum Mechanics - J. Bell (World, 2001) WW.pdf
The Future of Quantum Cosmology - S. Hawking (1999) WW.pdf
The Principles of Quantum Mechanics 4th ed - P. Dirac WW.djvu
The quantum field theory of electric and magnetic charge - Blagojevic Sejanovic..djvu
The Quantum Physics of Black Holes - Results from String Theory [jnl article] - S. Das, S. Mathur (2001) WW.pdf
The Quantum Revolution - A Historical Perspective - K. Peacock (Greenwood, 2008) WW.pdf
The Quantum Theory of Fields vol 3 Supersymmetry - S. Weinberg.djvu
The Quantum Theory Of Fields Vol 1 Foundations - S. Weinberg.djvu
The Quantum Theory of Fields Vol 2 - Modern applications - S. Weinberg.djvu
The_grand_unified_theory_of_quantum_classical_mech anics_-_Mills_R.L..djvu
Theoretical Physics 02 - Quantum Theory - Webber, Cooper (Cambridge Lecture Notes, 2004) WW.pdf
Theory of Brain Function, Quantum Mechanics and Superstrings [jnl article] - D. Nanopoulos (1995) WW.pdf
Time in Quantum Mechanics (Springer, 2002).djvu
Topics in Modern Quantum Optics - B. Skagerstam.pdf
Towards Quantum Gravity - Kowalski-Glikman.pdf
What is Quantum Field Theory, and What Did We Think It Is - [jnl article] - S. Weinberg (1997) WW.pdf
Ziman J.M. Elements of advanced quantum theory (CUP, 1969)(L)(T)(140s) 4AH.djvu
Quantum Mechanics for Chemistry
Quantum.Gravity.Generalized.Theory.of.Gravitation. and.Superstring.Theory-Based.Unification.eBook-EEn
A Rosetta Stone for Quantum Mech. w. an Intro to Quantum Computation [jnl article] - S. Lomonaco (2000) WW.pdf
Advanced Quantum Mechanics 4th ed - F. Schwabl (Springer, 2008) WW.pdf
An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory - Peskin and Schroeder.pdf
an_elementary_approach_to_the_quantum_theory_of_sc attering_by_a_potential.djvu
Anomalies in Quantum Field Theory - Properties and Characterization - [jnl article] - E. Kraus (2002) WW.pdf
Auletta, G. - Foundations and Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics.djvu
Ballentine L Quantum Mechanics - A Modern Development (1998)(T)(673S) 4AH.djvu
Barrett - Quantum Mechanics of Minds and Worlds (Oxford, 1999).pdf
Bell John - Speakable And Unspeakable In Quantum Mechanics (Cup, 1987)(K)(T)(225S).pdf
Bibliographic Guide to Foundations of Quantum Mechanics - A. Cabello.pdf
Canonical Structures in potential Theory - S.S. Vinogradov, P. D. Smith, E.D. Vinogradova.pdf
Cavity quantum electrodynamics the strange theory of light in a box - Dutra S..djvu
Chaos - Classical and Quantum - P. Civitanovic.pdf
Classical and Quantum Mechanics of the Damped Harmonic Oscillator - Dekker.pdf
Concepts in Theoretical Physics - B. Simons.djvu
Conformal Field Theory - P. DiFrancesco P. Mathieu D. Senechal.djvu
Constraint operator solution to quantum billiard problems - [jnl article] (1996) WW.pdf
Constructing Hamiltonian Quantum Theories From Path Integrals - [jnl article] - A. Ashtekar (2000) WW.pdf
Discrete Quantum Electrodynamics - C. Francis (2001) WW.pdf



Download Quantum Physics e-books Collection [1 LinK] on Rapidshare Megaupload Hotfile FileServe Filesonic and Torrent

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